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Installations, Activations, CDs, User Registration
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Software User Interface, Windows, Toolbars, etc.
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Stitch Editing Features, Advanced Expanded Processing
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Autodigitizing Features, Converting Art to Stitches
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Advanced Digitizing Features, Creating & Editing Stitch Objects
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From the Software Maker
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(...) Having been through the same experience I have to say that you are not going to find a configuration that works reliably, the software is very unstable. We have owned this for more than two years and come back to it periodically to find no updates, no fixes, and all of the the appearance of a dead product. very sad ”…
Installations, Activations, CDs, User Registration…
 jeff (XXX739) 9/2/2016 @ 8:58:30 PM
(...) And just like that, i found out why i'm having this issue. Apparently you can't change Digitized fonts to applique. Only True Type Fonts. Just in case anyone else is having this issue. ”…
Stitch Editing Features, Advanced Expanded Processing…
 EMBme (XXX509) 9/1/2016 @ 7:54:02 AM
(...) Did you find the manual? I can't find it either! I agree everything is out dated in forum :-( ”…
Learning Tools, Training Resources…
 AngelinOhio (XXX508) 8/28/2016 @ 8:41:39 PM
How do I make 3D fonts? I know you have to use the foam but, I don't know HOW to make the stitching correct for the foam. I know it has to be bigger. I have searched the net and I can't find a video on how to make this using Liberty Design Era 15 version. The ones I do find are for Wilcom Software. Thanks, Angel ”…
Learning Tools, Training Resources…
 AngelinOhio (XXX508) 8/28/2016 @ 8:21:39 PM
(...) It works just as well on Win10 as previous vers of Windows. Perhaps there are fewer crashes and freezes, but I find that depends more on the computer hardware than the OS. Still searching for a physical setup where my designers don't waste 20% of their time working through crashes, lost work, etc. So frustrating. We are all running ver 11.41 on Windows 10 - have purchased one upgrade to v15 but last time I tested it it didn't work well, so we reverted back to 11.41.”…
Installations, Activations, CDs, User Registration…
 BH (XXX783) 8/11/2016 @ 7:15:56 PM