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This subject is:  “Does anyone have a PC configuration that WORKS?”

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  Posted on Saturday, July 2, 2016 @ 9:54:17 PM
This concerns Hotfix ERA.

Over the years we´ve now tried Hotfix ERA on a total of somewhere around 15-17 different PC´s across all versions from v11-v15, and on Windows 7, 8, and 10, with a variety of processors - AMD, Intel i3, i5, i7 and others.

We have not found a combination of PC, OS, chipset, and Hotfix ERA version that provides stability (meaning, doesn´t crash the program less than several times per day). We have attempted every piece of advice and instructions re: video cards, hardware acceleration, etc, with no improvement.

We have learned what types of actions in ERA typically cause crashes, such as changing from ss6 to ss10 stones, or different colors, or different placement tools, or starting the outputting process, or starting the Save As process, and have for the most part learned to save work frequently, but it still crashes between 2-8 times per day in normal use and we´ve simply wasted $$$thousands in lost time since we´ve been using ERA, not to mention frequent frustration.

We´re getting ready to add a couple new seats, also requiring new workstations (new PCs) and before we buy new equipment I´m posting this in the hopes that someone has a setup that simply WORKS.

We´ll be forced to buy the latest ERA version (15.x), even though we don´t like it, and currently have all seats maxed out at 11.41 even though we´ve purchased 15 before as a test. I´m pretty sure we won´t be able to obtain the older 11.x versions. Perhaps it´s time to try 15 again and hope it´s been improved since Spring 2015 :)

Anyway, if anyone has a setup that doesn´t have the crashing/stability issues, I´d literally PAY for this info!

I´d like to know:
- Hotfix ERA version you´re running (15.x)
- What are the PC specs:
Chipset, Processor model if possible, PC brand (if applicable), Windows OS version, amount of RAM, and especially video card specs. Anything and everything that would let us simply find this same machine and duplicate its setup even if it´s used or older machine/setup.

I despise setting up new Designers with software that crashes (it´s embarrassing if nothing else) and so I´d like to do whatever is possible to minimize the problem since we´re starting new here.

Thanks so much!
  Replied on Friday, September 2, 2016 @ 8:58:30 PM  
Having been through the same experience I have to say that you are not going to find a configuration that works reliably, the software is very unstable.

We have owned this for more than two years and come back to it periodically to find no updates, no fixes, and all of the the appearance of a dead product.

very sad