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Product Overview

Stitch ERA is a software product designed for the Embroidery Business.

Stitch ERA has all the required tools for the embroidery design management, including stitch editing, advanced stitch block editing, lettering (true type & pre-digitized fonts), auto-digitizing, advanced digitizing, embroidery machine format output and code conversion.

Stitch ERA has all the necessary features to merge and personalize designs, and create embroidery designs starting from a scanned image or from scratch, for different embroidery machine brands & models.

This product is an integrated part of Design ERA. Then it includes some features found in the other software products (graphic file editing, vector files processing, vectorizing, exportation to graphic files, etc). If your activity includes hot fix rhinestone or sequin, Stitch ERA integrates smoothly with Hot Fix ERA creating the most amazing decoration software solution.

Stitch ERA is a product family brand. When we say Stitch ERA we usually refer to Stitch ERA Liberty, which is the highest software level. But the product family is constituted by:

Stitch ERA Essentials

It covers the requirements for design management, code conversions, stitch edition and embroidery lettering. Better used for merging stock designs and embroidery design personalization.

Stitch ERA Lite

It contains all the functionalities of the previous level, and it adds the creation of embroidery designs automatically starting from clear graphic images (raster or vector). It includes object editing (shapes and fill properties)

Stitch ERA Liberty (simply, Stitch ERA or SEL)

It contains all the functionalities of the previous level, and it adds a wide group of tools with which you can produce the most amazing artistic embroideries, as any professional designer. Literally millions of options limited to the user imagination.

Stitch ERA Universal

This is a very amazing family member of Stitch ERA. This software is free for the end user, and many thousands of users are working with Stitch ERA Universal (SEU). It has most of the features found in Stitch ERA Liberty, but it has also some important limitations: maximum stitch number per design is 40,000 stitches, the computer must be connected to internet while using it, the software window includes advertising, and it has less system components compared to Stitch ERA Liberty. Many users have decided to get Stitch ERA Liberty and install Stitch ERA Universal in other computers, as the design files made by Stitch ERA Universal are full compatible in Stitch ERA Liberty. More information about Stitch ERA Universal is available in

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The product is updated frequently and without previous notice, because of which the screens shown here may not match the product�s latest version. Some image captures and animations may have been made over a different product and may show a different feature from the one that is intended to be shown, which may not be included in the product. Ask your vendor about the product�s features and/or the product than contains the desired features, before making its purchase. We suggest first to try Stitch Era Universal free software in order to evaluate the product. We recommend acquiring only the product�s latest version. We recommend acquiring the products from an authorized distributor only.

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