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Software Suite for the Apparel Decoration

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Product Line Overview


Design ERA is a complete software package designed for all the different types of apparel decoration & personalization business. Design ERA is the unique tool which integrates in the same interface (without any need of separate products) many decoration specialties.

  • Digital Printing
  • Vector Cutting
  • Embroidery
  • Hot Fix Stone
  • Hot Fix Sequin
  • Even when design ERA is not a general graphic design software application to create the original artwork, it does many tasks related to the design and editing process, it outputs to different kind of machines, and it is compatible with many machine brands and models.

    As graphic design starts for all specialties start in the same point, the artwork, Design ERA has many common features for its modules. Importing raster and vector files, capturing from scanner or direct from other graphic applications, image and vector processing, vectorizing, and manual or automatic shape digitizing are common characteristics for all specialties.

    If you decide to add a new specialty to your company, you can take full advantage of your investment, your experience, and you will be able to use your existing designs for the new business.

    Choose your product according to your activity. Check the product features and select the required output (format / media) for your production method. Starting from any artwork or your idea on the fly, Design ERA will assist you in the whole design process (preparation, digitizing, editing and finishing) and it will also offer a sample for presentations and the necessary output files for your equipment


    Product Specialty
    Print ERA Screen-Printing, Digital-Printing, Graphic Design Printing (color separation software, rip software, etc)
    Vector ERA Creation, Editing and Cutting Vector Graphics (vectorizing, digitizing, nesting, exporting to vector standard files, vinyl cutting, etc)
    Stitch ERA Commercial and Professional Embroidery (lettering, editing, auto-digitizing, advanced digitizing, format conversion, design simulation, embroidery specialties)
    Hot Fix Stone ERA Rhinestone, Rhinestud & Nailhead Design (lettering, editing, digitizing, simulation, etc) for motif setting machines, motif making machines, and stencils production,
    Hot Fix Sequin ERA Sequin and Spangle Design for Hot Fix (lettering, editing, digitizing, design simulation, etc)


    Check product specifications, comparison charts, design samples quality and compatibility before buying any module of Design ERA. Mentioned features may depend on the software level or version. Images samples are displayed only as a reference and/or may correspond to different products or levels.



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